Pop in seoul plsss..

pop in seoul plsss….put romanization lyrics in all the  music videos so we could sing along kekeke

i can’t register on pop in seoul website to request so i’m spreading it here ghuyzz help me ….

Anyway it’s already 2011 and a new vj which is Vj NS Yoon Ji so plss  PIS upgrade now it’ll be a hit i promise kekeke

2ne1 happy valentines!!!

hai ghuyzzz ^_^ i’m a fan of 2ne1

I made a lyrics for them to sing hmm ok i won’t really call it a lyrics  because i don’t know how to arrange the words or story but i really like if you could just you know ….bother to read kekeke

verse 1

I love you…

i know you feel suffocated in this relationship we have

you love another girl so much that it hurts for you to be with me

i wish i was the one who filled your thoughts which makes you smile

instead of being with me putting a  blank expression on your face.

Seeing you crying for her, my heart was shattered in pieces

i don’t want to let you go or i’ll go crazy without you is like hell

Am i obsessed? I’m sorry i didn’t mean to be that way but that’s how i feel she’ making you happy i could see that because your eyes never spark when your’e with me. I am the only one who stands like a fence on your way to happiness. Please don’t hate me.

I’ll set you free in my cage called love I know it’s hard to let you go but as i saw you wearing a relief face i guess it hurts so bad but then you sincerely smile at me i feel content and happy i cried.

Tears rolling down my face as i walked away from you.I caused you so much pain, again i’m sorry.

Be happy my love….

CHArrrr ^_^

You ghuyzz might get confused kekeke .It’s short so you ghuyz can arrange it and add some flavor into it ,it’s ok too..

the story is about a girl love a man that love another girl well of course she’s bound to get jealous  but she realized their relationship won’t work that way so she let him go i mean she gets to understand the love between the man she love and the other girl i guess she learn to give way?They are in that relationship because of arghhh i can’t think of anything well all i can say is the guy is trap in that relationship…arghhh whatever that’s how i see it kekeke ok the mv would hmm i like to see the main girl seeing the guy talking on the phone with the guy truly love and he’ll start to cry awww that would probably hurt so much right?

There are stories similar to these i thin i’m not sure , but i really want 2ne1 to sing these kindof songs keke YGE keke pls consider keke

sorry ghuyzzz i suck at explaining kekeke hope you understand

thank you